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Mini-Reviews #22

Another entry in my list of short opinions on things that I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks and months and find notable.

Move from Wordpress to Hugo

About one month ago, I started to move this site from running under WordPress to being statically generated with Hugo.

After a short time, I had re-created the site with it and am pretty satisfied with the switch.

Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Problem

When the battery of my HTPC’s bluetooth keyboard needed replacement, it somehow lost the connection during that process (I think I pushed the connect button by accident at the wrong time, or something). Not a big deal, I thought…

SIMInfo 2.1 (sort of...)

I’ve committed and uploaded the changes of the last couple of weeks of work on SIMInfo and tagged it as version 2.1 — but don’t really plan to release it as a compiled binary.

Mini-Reviews #21

It’s been a while, but here we go again: A quick recap and short opinion piece of some stuff I’ve seen in the last couple of months.

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Move from Wordpress to Hugo
Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Problem
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