Creating a new group in an Active Directory

So, I recently added a new Powershell1 script to my repository2: CreateActiveDirectoryGroup.ps1

And it does what the name suggests: It creates a new group in a Microsoft Active Directory, with given name and description under the specified path.

Because it is based on a real-world example, it’s not completly generic, so you would certainly have to adapt certain parts of it to your needs/infrastructure (e.g. which group membership is required, how is the distinguished name path built, etc.).

The script is set up to be used interactively from a console prompt (asking the user for group data, credentials and finally confirmation), but could of course easily be changed to run fully automatic.

End of public service announcement… 😉

  1. Although I do think that Powershell has some strange syntax and weird ways of doing certain things, it admittedly is a nice tool in a Microsoft environment… ↩︎

  2. By the way: Despite the lack of new posts here, I do update my code repositories with new content occasionally, either with snippets or scripts, or working on my projects (not all public at the moment). But since unfortunately doesn’t offer a public RSS feed for all the commits of an user, this kind of reminder posts seem to be necessary. ↩︎