Installing Sphinx on Windows

In my previous post I mentioned that I would ponder about maybe switching from a Wiki to a Sphinx solution. I started with that by setting up Sphinx on my Windows-PC; let’s see how this will turn out in the next weeks…

  1. Get and install Python (if you don’t already have…).

  2. Download and install the Python SetupTools.
    “The recommended way to install setuptools [0.9.8] on Windows is to download and run it. The script will download the appropriate .egg file and install it for you."

  3. Open a command prompt as administrator and run from the folder to which you downloaded it.

  4. After that, you should see C:\<PathToPython>\Scripts\easy_install.exe (guide).

  5. Open an elevated command prompt at that location and type easy_install.exe Sphinx, the “Sphinx” scripts should appear in C:\<PathToPython>\Scripts\.

  6. Follow the tutorial.