Map Network Drive: Remove obsolete entries from drop-down menu

If you want to get rid of obsolete entries in the folder drop-down menu of the “Map Network Drive” dialog, you’ll have to modify the Windows registry.

Open RegEdit.exe and go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Map Network Drive MRU.

The following screenshot was taken after I cleaned up; before, there were also entries named “b” and “c” with old paths in it.

Also, the value for MRUList read “cba” — the order in which the most recently used entries were displayed in the drop-down menu. After deleting the values “b” and “c” (and fixing a typo in the value of “a”), I then edited MRUList, so that it now only contained “a”.

PS: As a reminder, for scripting purposes, the command line equivalent comes in handy.

To connect a drive to a certain drive letter (in this case, persistently):
net use u: \\Server\Folder\Subfolder /persistent:yes

Respectively, to disconnect the drive again:
net use u: /delete