Mini-Reviews #2

Time again for a quick roundup of verdicts for some of the recently wachted movies and TV shows.


Maniac (2012)
Boring Slasher movie, skip it.
Hänsel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Hollywood Fantasy Action; you can skip that one, too.
Eine Insel namens Udo
[DE] Bin normalerweise kein Freund deutscher Produktionen, aber Kurt Krömer ist eigentlich immer sehenswert.
Liberal Arts
Recommended. Not as deep as the makers might think of it, but a nice indie production (and better than Radnor’s previous effort).
The Dark Knight Rises
What a disappointment! Both as a stand-alone film as well as the conclusion of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but this was a real letdown. Too long, too many plot holes, too many uninteresting threads and characters, too little Dark Knight and too much daylight… *sigh*


American Horror Story — Season 2
The first season was OK, although I didn’t think of it as great. This second season (with a completly different setting and story, and with many cast members from S1 in new roles) had an interesting beginning, but descended very quickly into an unwatchable mess (despite interesting camera work and memorable scenes. Not sure yet whether I’ll take a peek at season three.