Mini-Reviews #8

Because I’ve already prepared it, here’s already the next round of mini reviews; the last one for the year 2014.


Red Lights
Nice premise, good setup, but a disappointing third act.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
*Argh*, ignore it (I wish I had…)! I could only prevent severe brain damage by not paying attention to 90% of this mess.
Well, after “The Dark Knight Rises” another letdown from director Christopher Nolan.
Too long, too boring, too little personal investment or even real characters, and too far out there in the end.
RoboCop (1987) and RoboCop (2014)
The original from 1987 still holds up pretty well after all these years; the remake, on the other hand, is totally forgettable bulk commodity.
22 Jump Street
I wasn’t really impressed with the predecessor and this one isn’t better or worse, it’s just more of the same. Watchable on a rainy sunday afternoon as a re-run on television.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Not as bad as some reviews made be me believe, but also not even remotely as fantasic as “Lord Of The Rings” was.
Woman in Black
Good atmosphere and setup/environment, but a trite story and underdeveloped characters.
The Raid 2
I’m not a big fan of martial arts, so this didn’t have a big impact on me.
A bit too long and the fact that almost no one uses fireguns but everyone is a skilled fighter is beyond my suspension of disbelief (and that is coming from a fan of SF/Fantasy/Horror!).


Fargo — Season 1
A wonderfully black humored masterpiece with great storytelling… — but(!) the final act (after the time jump in episode 8) was a steep decline in quality: Storylines fizzeld out without resolution, some characters suddenly acted strange and the humor was mostly gone; oh well. Still highly recommended, even only for 8.5 of the 10 epsiodes.
True Blood — Season 7
It’s over, thank $DEITY! I really don’t know why I hung around for so long, but I did. And this final season was worse than any before (and that’s meaning a lot): Paper-thin, ridiculous plots all around, laughable actions and other bullshit.