On Software: Configuration Import/Export

This comes from me as an user of software…

Despite so much functionality wandering off into the clouds of the Internet, I still hold on to many applications which need to be installed locally on a client (yeah, how old fashioned, I know).

Even worse, I often need the same programs on several machines and ideally wish to use them with the same settings everywhere (keyboard shortcuts, fonts, GUI adjustments, etc.).

And that’s why I really like it when the program offers a menu entry like Options -> Export/Import Settings. Bonus points if it comes out not only as a binary blob (although, admittedly, those settings are rarely of such high importance that the points of my previous article matter).

When such a feature is not available, I try to use workarounds like manually copying files from the user folder (or out of the program folder, *ugh* a topic for another posting…) or dumping the registry values. But that is not an elegant solution in my eyes, especially if it isn’t even officially documented, because then I have the nagging feeling: “Is that all or are more settings stored somewhere else on my system?! Let’s see what works as expected and what doesn’t on my new installation…”.