QuickADUserInfo 1.0

The first version of my new little helper script QuickADUserInfo has been released.

It’s a graphical Powershell script (using WPF/XAML; screenshots can be seen on the repository page) that performs Active Directory queries across multiple domains, to display basic information like “is the user account locked?”, “is the password expired?”, etc.

Note that for now, it’s just meant for presenting that information; you cannot unlock an account with it, for example.

(Beside other things, I’d then also have to take into account the credentials of the user of the script: Can he/she/it modify that AD object in the given domain; and if not, should I just disable the functionality or ask for credentials via a prompt? and so on. So, maybe in the future…)

You can easily adjust the script to your environment by replacing the placeholder domain names in the array $domains.