SIMInfo 2.1 (sort of...)

I’ve committed and uploaded the changes of the last couple of weeks of work on SIMInfo and tagged it as version 2.1 — but don’t really plan to release it as a compiled binary.

Most of the work was adding a basic GUI frontend to the tool, but it’s not yet fully done!

It was originally just meant to be a testbed for exploring some C#/.NET with WPF/XAML as a way to (quickly) build a GUI and interfacing with a C++ library.

The idea was, given that the command line utility did what it was supposed to do, it should be trivial to just show some small windows with buttons and input fields and be done with it. Not really surprisingly, it turned out to be a little more complicated, since the whole workflow is different when one presents the user a GUI, compared to just running a glorified batch job on the CLI.

Anyways, I spent more time than expected with the GUI part, biting off my teeth at some (probably stupidly simple) obstacles.

And at the end of the day, I don’t really need this tool anylonger (and if I did again, the command line version would be’good enough'), no one else does either (AFAIK) and the whole topic is by now of limited interest for me.

Maybe I’ll continue some time later, but at the moment, development is on hold indefinitely.