Windows 7: (Elevated) Command Prompt Anywhere

The command prompt here power toy was a feature that a lot of users requested be built-in to Windows 7. Microsoft listened, and added it to a secondary context menu.

By holding shift and right-clicking a folder, you’ll see additional commands not listed on the standard menu, such as open in new process, copy as path, and open command window here. Suppose you need a command window with elevated privileges. Then what?

In Windows Vista, it could be done through the start menu by typing cmd into the search box and holding shift+control and hitting enter. This works in Windows 7 as well.

Combine the two, and you’ve got a right-click elevated command window shortcut:
shift+control+right click on a folder and choose open command window.
Check your title bar: if it starts with Administrator, you’re set!

Some other sites have posted registry hacks to add a context menu entry for the admin option, but why bother? It’s already there – just hidden!